Friday, October 5, 2007

The Splendid Beaches of Tarifa (Costa de la Luz)

Ahhhh....La Playa Chica has soft white sand, clear blue-topaz water and a plethora of topless women!! Oh My.....Kaylene and I giggled like high school girls as women of all shapes and sizes walked across the beach into the water. Mmmmmm. What shall we do? I didn´t realize how modest-prudish we Americans can be when it comes to exposing our bodies. Given the weather was supposed to be rainy neither of us wore or brought our bathing suits! Big mistake! After about 30 minutes, Kaylene and I were a bit toasty. We looked at eachother with curious smiles. I said, maybe I could just take off my shirt. I still would have more clothes on than every other woman. These people will never see me again. Well, I´ll leave the rest to your imagination.
That´s all for now.....see you in Ronda, as I explore las pueblos blancas and the famous bullfighting ring where the famous Pedro Romero killed nearly 6000 bulls in his lifetime, with the his last winning bullfight at age 79....more to come....


Anonymous said...

What? No pictures?

Aww... ;-P


Anonymous said...

Those wild and crazy Spanish beaches! I had a similar experience in France. A topless mom with two kids was sitting on a blanket next to mine. I, on the other hand, was covered from head to toe in towels and blankets. --Molly in AZ