Saturday, September 29, 2007


Hola amigos! Have you ever missed your flight, arrived at your destination without your luggage, found yourself wandering amongst ladies of the night (in the day), with a fabulous result? Well, this was my day. Yes, I actually travelled for hours in the US before I finally arrived in Madrid. With anticipation, I went through customs and to the carousel where my backpack was to be delivered. Thirty minutes later, the carousel stopped and my backpack was no where to be found. Thinking positively and using the phrase I learned on my trip to Thailand.....I said to myself Chai yen yen.....or cool your heart. I just thought....I have the money, passport, soft walking shoes, and a few other items. All would be fine. So....I reported my missing luggage, hailed a cab and travelled to the Hostal Laris.

As I entered the hostal, I realized, I don´t really need to check-in....I have no bags!!! So, I was off to send an email to Kaylene to plan a time to meet given her arrival was prior to mine......we caught up....and it was not only me who had challenges on this lovely day. Kaylene's debit card didn´t work....she had to take the metro, with next to no money, from the airport to the puerta del sol, where she wandered around for a hotel she did not book. Could this be anymore exciting?? OK...I am going to cut to the chase, as I am running out of euros on the pack was!.....the group gathered......walked along the grand via....finally settling for some tapas....sangria and a nice chat. Oh.....the view was amazing....the food delicious and the company great. Kaylene and I are the only Americans in the midst of Aussies and Canadians.

Well, all, I am exhausted, as you can tell from my awful writing mother would be horrified!. I am on my way back to the hostal and tomorrow is a new day!

Hasta luego.....LeeAnn


Anonymous said...

Good job cooling your jets - I mean your heart! I'm glad your bag was found. Have a great trip.
Love, Sooz

Anonymous said...

You're a trooper! Just remember the most frustrating days make for the best stories later... :) Enjoy!!! And don't think about work....

All the best, AnnCatherine